Charley Boorman . . .

Is it just me or is there something irritating about him?

You mean other than nobody knew who he was before, and now you can’t find a bike event without him popping up?

Mind you, most of us would probbaly milk it too. Apparently the 2 of them are doing a trip from Scotland to Cape Town soon - wonder if they will be on KTM’s this time?

Boorman by name and definately Boooorsmeeee !!

What do you mean nobody knew him before ??

He gets mentioned in the Sex Pistols No one is innocent a song still banned by Crapital radio for being “A glorification of evil”

no way I really like Charley… just watch LWR again, and can’t wait to see the Dakar stuff - he seems genuinly interesting, and he obviously loves bikes… to be frank the LWR was the orriginal inspiration for Journey To Russia … and before you any of you bring it up - yes I have watched / read Tera Circa and Mondo Enduro and yes it was much harder, and yes it was more ‘real’ and yes that really is what I want to do…but for pure entertainment value… genius.

It’s not you , there is!!

The irritating thing about Boorman is he has lots of money and can do stuff we all dream about!

very true - that is irritating!

I like him. The Race to Dakar series is on sky at the mo I watched the second episode last night. I also read the book too. Very interesting. I respect him he trained hard, good rider too and anyone that gives the Dakar a go is fair game really.

I watched some of that last night too . . . seems to me he’s gettin’ just a bit too ‘precious’ ?

Haven’t seen episode 2 yet so may change my mind. In the first one he has a brill opportunity

with all top expert helpers and still couldnt be bothered to complete training sessions without

whining, let alone a 3 hour endurance.

Hardly a display of true grit and enthusiasm.

Will now watch no2 and wait to be converted.

No2 is a bit better. I think he is spoilt when you compare him to the people that do the event on there own. The help he gets with financial support and everyone he has around him is emense!

Charly boorman always reminds me of me sisters hamster when i trod on it(by accident of course)its those bulging eyes…

So if I read that correctly you find him irritating too

A wasp in a hamster cage is a tad cruel How did you get in there??

Congrats on house news BTW. Party date??

Well I do like him and respect him and I can see why he does get some stick. I suppose I am a bit half and half really. Despite that whenever the long way round comes on or the Dakar I am glued to the tele I find the programes very interesting.

Hi there grim…party dates will happen once we find the right house! lol…give us chance

And yes i find c.b slightly irritating…but he aint a bad fella…having met him at ally pally bike show last year lucky git though eh! wonder if watching it if they’d used the ktm’s would have made a whole different chain of events!

Ok, so dont get me wrong . . I’m sure he’s a very nice bloke . . kind to animals and all that bollox . . . But he does somehow get on my thrup’neys

Totally agree with you Matt I think Chuck’s a decent enough bloke, maybe a few green eyed monsters about!

OK you’ve got me! But I’m working on the hair, flab, whining & considering surgery for the bulging eye thing

I still find him intriguing, and irritating at the same time. Not sure how that works