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Charity Face Painting - Money towards London's Air Ambulance

So, I tried to get rich during the Olympics - and the whole thing fell flat on it’s face; however, that is a story to tell the grand-kids…Anyway, I have a load of merchandise left, namely;England Face-paints (RED and WHITE)Jester HatsMini England VuvuzelasInflatable England Hands So, I thought of getting all depressed when going into the garage and seeing it there in boxes, is just to get rid of it all.Here is the plan…not set in stone so help and advice most appreciated: I contacted LAA and asked them to provide banners and a flags to put down…and have 4 donation bucketsI plan to set up a few small tables and chairs where people come and get their faces painted… small flag on your face for £1 each or the whole face for £4Jester Hats £5, Vuvuzelas for £3 and the inflatable hand for £3. So, I am looking for volunteers to help in the selling of the goodies, holding the donation buckets and painting the faces… You do not need to be an expert in any of these fine arts, however, training will be in the form of punters going past and testing your skills on them. Like I said, the money is going towards LAA and I am hoping to get 6-8 tickets so when the bulk of the crowd are in, the helpers can go in and watch the match too, else find a near-by pub and have a few drinks and a bite to eat. If you would like to help, please get in touch so that I can get photos of you and pass to LAA who will get official ID badges made so we do not get any hassle from anyone. The date of the event is: England v Germany
International Match
8pm, Tuesday 19 November 2013
Wembley Stadium I am looking to get setup by about 2-3pm… Don’t know where but the route from Wembley Park tube station to the stadium is very busy, so looking at potentially along that walkway. Again, suggestions are most welcome and helpers too will be required. Thanks gang. AMIT…

Best of luck I would be happy to help but I dont think I could walk far so dont think I could help =[

Amit - can’t promise help with the event due to being at work, but have you thought about parking your van? If not we may be able to help with an event day parking permit within walking distance of the stadium (but only for one vehicle) PM if you need it.

Note that if you park a vehicle without a permit in the area about 3 miles round the stadium on an event day you get towed away, a very large fine and have to present ID and log book to get the vehicle back:sick: The restrictions are in force from 10 am to midnight on event days and they are very hot on enforcing them.

Bikes don’t need a permit apparently but if you want to check the rules about where they are allowed to park the Brent Council event day parking enforcement office number is 020 8937 4995.

Good luck with this, and hope you get some helpers:)