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Charity Efforts 2013-2014

So far this year we have raised … £1227.23 plus gift aid average £301.81 = £1529.04
add 25% gift aid & 3% gov aid (Average is only a guide as some people aren’t UK tax payers & also not received on merchandise sold)
and collected 0 Mobile Phones - Remember to pass all your old mobiles to me as this is another way to raise funds for LAA when they are recycled.

As and when an event or person raises money for LAA it will be added here.

7th January 2013 - Newbie Night Donations of Old Merchandise, Stickers & Keyrings
£10.00 (+£2.50 GA) - Paid to LB JG Page -

12th January 2013 - Tiggi Donation for old LB merchandise
£5.00 (+£1.25 GA) - Paid to LB JG Page -

14th January 2013 - KTM D Donation for old LB merchandise
£2.00 (+£0.50 GA) - Paid to LB JG Page -

6th March 2013 - Curly Ally Donation for Bike Safe Place from St3r
£35.00 (+£8.75 GA) - Paid Direct to LAA JG Page

10th March 2013 - Jetstreams Pooh Sticks Challenge Donations
£116.23 (+£29.06 GA) - Paid to LB JG Page -

11th March 2013 - Simon In Essex Donation Thanks to Ally for the Wheels
£50.00 (+£12.50 GA) - Paid to LB JG Page -

17th March 2013 - KTM D Donation Thanks to Quiller for the Ladies Clothing
£45.00 (+£11.25 GA) - Paid to LB JG Page -

1st April 2013 - Donations for Tiggis Lovely Cookie Monster Cup Cakes
£64.00 (+£16.00 GA) - Paid to LB JG Page -

20th April 2013 - Julian Donation for the Tiles
£10.00 (+£2.50 GA) - Paid to LB JG Page -

23rd June 2013 - Donation by the Jetstreams to All Who Participated in the RBLR 1000 Ride
£20.00 (+£5.00 GA) - Paid to LB JG Page -

22-23rd June 2013 - GSXRAng & TDJ RBLR 1000 mile in 24 hours Ride
£620.00 (£150.00 GA) = £770.00 - Paid to Ang JG Page to LAA

9th September 2013 - Donation from Blue Lagos for Bricking It to Garage his Bike for the last year
£250.00 (+£62.50 GA) - Paid to LB JG Page -

Just donated my money for the stickers and keyring I had, £6.25 inc gift aid to add to the total :slight_smile:

Any chance of the famous cookie monster cup cakes for the next Newbie Night?

I will unfortunately be in full swing of wedding cake making and decorating on the week of the next newbie night along with about 40 cupckaes for wedding favours!!!

How about I make them for March one?

So you lot, for Monday 4th March newbie night I will make these little cupcakes, last time I think I took a donation of £1 donation per cake for the LAA fund, so anyone interested then come along to the March Newbie night and help us raise some money for our LAA pot :slight_smile:

Might even try some Elmo ones as well :smiley:

Ooooo, you’re on! :smiley:

I had no idea the old gear was going for donations to LAA, and I didn’t give anything! stuck a couple of quids on the just giving site as a Ta.

Thanks Tiggi and KTM … Hey Dawn looking forward to munching those delicious cookie monsters again, defo be there for March :w00t:

  • 1 :smiley:

Those cupcakes look amazing. Worth much more than £1 if you ask me. Baring in mind that plain cupcakes from companies sell for £2.50-3.00. #Just sayin’. If I’m about for that newbie night I’ll take a couple and make a bigger donation.

Ok, so due to the fact that next week will my 1st week in a new job and the fact that I am away this weekend I am going to have to postpone the cookie montster cakes until the April newbie night :frowning:

Very sorry but I just won’t have time to do a good job and I want them to be perfect for you, defo be doing them for the April one so make sure you spread the word at next mondays newbie night :slight_smile:

Ooooooh nooooo :frowning:

Good luck and looking forward to doubly tasty cakes :smiley:

Sorry :frowning: i’ll make sure they are awesome and there will be one that is especially good just for you Ang :slight_smile: x

oi oi tigglet…pop some round my house Im starving !!!

No, get your lazy a55 to the April newbie night and you can have one for a small donation to LAA :slight_smile:

10th March 2013 - Wee Frenchie the Pooh Sticks Winner.

These little cakes helped me raise £64 for LAA at yesterday evenings newbie night, thanks to everyone who bought one :slight_smile:

I’ve just updated the first page, thanks again to all involved in fund raising in one way or another. :slight_smile:

Just a note, if anyone has raised any money on their own just giving page to LAA for their own fund raiser could you let me know and link it here. I will update the main page as it all counts. Did anyone doing the London-Brighton fund raise for LAA?

My JG page for the RBLR 1000 will be added shortly, I have a few more donations to collect.

Unfortunately you cannot choose who your sponsorship goes to for L2B, all donations go to the British Heart Foundation, I sure i’ll do another cake run soon, need other suggestions as I’ve done the cookie monsters twice now, open to ideas :slight_smile:

Chocolate anything Dawn! :smiley:

No probs Tiggi, any donation to a worthy cause is good to me. I just don’t want to miss anyone’s efforts on here. We could have a ‘bake off’ :w00t:

We will have to have a good think of some LB fund raising ideas. On ride outs it was a good little way to collect donations by sticking a pot on the table, when people were paying for their food the change went in the pot along with a £1-2 ride donation. :w00t: