Charity Dyno Runs at SBK

Hello everyone due to the success of last year dyno runs for London Bikers we will be doing it again, but this time all you need to do is pay us £10 for your runs normally two to get the propper read out, we will convert 50% of that in donation to the London Bikers official charity. No catch most of you been here and done it before so spread the word and bring your friends too for a great week and only one week. So the Dyno Runs will start this monday and will finish saturday 14/11/09, hope to see you all !!!


SBK City Servicing Ltd

15 Hessel Street, London E1 2LR Tel: 02074805775

Nice one Rhalf.


flippin eck, i had no idea you were there! I’ve ridden past that street (along commerical road) about a million times, only live about 10 mins away! Will be popping over this week!

Nice one Rhalf :slight_smile:

I have a GSXR750Y, are you able to remap the ECU of those?

Hi guys yes I know my location is not the best, but there you go now you know, and Ian yes I can remmap the std ecu no probs, pop around get you dyno run and after that we can discuss it better thanks!!!

Cool nice one - will be in touch :slight_smile:

Could not recommend Rhalf and his guys highly enough.

If he won’t mention that this year he won the Triumph Triple Challenge - by a huge margin - on a bike prepared in the shop, then I will. Seems to be to me a fairly reliable indication that they know what they’re doing.

It’s an open workshop where nothing is hidden, and if you want you can sit and watch them work. Prices are reasonable, too. And his dad is one the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. They’ve even got Brazillian snacks!

They’ve had all the work on both of my bikes this past year and I’ve been happy with the results. Top guys.

Thanks wildwoodflower!!!

Guys c’monn, this is charity, and where else in London you are going to get two dyno runs for £10quid. I really would like to spread you all during the week cause if everybody turn up on saturday you may don’t get your place!!!

cheers rhalf, for the dyno. C’mon guys, doesn’t take long, i was in and out in about 20mins! Will be popping back to try and get a few more horses from my bike!:smiley:


Thanks to Rhalf for today, he managed to get another 5bhp for my gixxer :slight_smile: did not think I would feel the difference, but feels stronger all the way through (even in the monsoon conditions!)

Will post up the graphs when I get them scanned in :slight_smile:

nice one!


Great :smiley: so how much was raised for charity? :smiley:

Damn, can’t believe I missed this. Seems everyone thinks this is the place to go…

Rhalf, what’s the latest I could come down on a weekday to get the map changed on my Tuono & a dyno run? (just mounted a set of Akras on this weekend, and was recommended I speak with you)


Hi all due to real bad weather only two guys came in for the dyno runs last week , so we decided to give people a another chance to get down here and have they bike dynoed, see new topic for the details thank you all…

So £10 was raised to the charity !!! we hope to make a lot more !!!

I’ll pop in on the way home :wink:

I had it done last year and it’s a great bike health check…only this time it also benefits a charity :smiley:

p.s. Hopefully there won’t be as much carbon come out as before as she gets her legs stretched properly these days :wink:

Cheers dude!

I can’t believe more people don’t want a dyno a.k.a. health check done on their bike !!


Another £10 for the charity, thats £20 now;)

Blimey, only just noticed this thread.

Are you still running them, and what time you guys close.
I could maybe drop by after work if I get the chance this week.

Yes pop around we close at 18:30 monday to friday and saturday 17:00, let me know if are comming thanks

You’re real good with bikes but you can’t count :stuck_out_tongue:

I gave you £20. Doesn’t that make £15 more for the charity? :wink: :smiley: