Changing wheels over to off road wheels/tyres

On my ktm, how easy?

What do i need to buy?

Wheels, spacers anything major needs doing or straight swap?

I think it’s not as easy as motoing sxc, different spindle i think. there is a set of knobbly tyres for 17rims i’ll looky later

What tyres do you have at the moment?

I think I’m going to try out greenlaning (on a dry day) on 17" wheels. If I like it, I may invest in a set of enduro wheels, but otherwise, it’s a big investement just to try out.
I may change the rear for a Distanzia beforehand though. That should give a little bit more grip in the gravel than the PR2 I hope.

Yeah sod it lets go on SM wheels. Cant be that bad. I was thinking more enduro wheels for snow! Took me 3hrs on my commuter to get 18 miles whe it snowed last time…KTM should be wicked on it :smiley:

on my dt i have to change the forks front caliper then shuv on the 21" front and "18 back but you should be able to buy a full set upp off ebay wheelie spacers disk the lot for your ktm with tryes

ow and rideing supermoto on green lanes isent desireabull back slids to much when you power it with some knobilys you will glide throw it XD

Just go with slicks - that’s what supermotos are for, you’ll be fine - instructional forum thread here …

Knobblies are for pansies!

(Best pics are on post #9)


Check out the pics tatts puts up, you’ll see just how much fin SMs are offroad

The link I just posted is to a Tatt’s thread :wink:

'ello mate, how are you getting on with the dogs and the sand? (Erm, and the bullets, and mortar rounds or whatever it is they chuck at you out there.)