Changing one's handle with the blessing of the bosses and overlords of wit and banter what is admins

Dear Overlords of Doom, thems what hold the keys to chattty chatty stuff…
Keybotmelons is AN OLD NAME… and I’d like to ask how I can change it to somethign more relevant…

Thanks, Toby :wink:

What would you like to be called, Toby?

// Doom Slayer (not overlord)

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I think surcharge for name changes should be paid in cake at BM. Or £5 to the LAA.

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so are you back? or is it a flying visit again?

BakingMan was the idea… :wink:

If I had a bike I’d be back… sadly, too poor to even get there…

OMG I’ve just noticed it’s you Toby! Welcome back, long time no see! Hope you and the family are well.

Your username has been changed to BakingMan. Sign out and back in again using this new username and it’ll take effect.

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That’s the one fella.

Cheers Jay. All good.
How’s you and yours these days?

Formally Tobi-one-kenobi?

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there aint two of them!

All good thanks! Glad you’re well. Do you still have the sideburns? :slight_smile:

@Kevsta just reminded me… sure you don’t want your Tobi-one-kenobi name back?

No thanks, sell it to the highest bidder if you think you can get anything for it! :wink: