Changing Cans but not altering ECU?


changing cans on my Sport Classic to Keihans

The very helpful guy there owns the SC 1000s you see on the web landing page,

His bike has Keihans (obviously) but he told me he didn’t alter the ECU at all. He said apart from the occasional ‘pop’ it all works well…so my question is…

Will not adjusting the Ecu have any bad mechanical long term affects? I suppose fuel consumption and maybe top end will suffer slightly???

Thanks for any opinions…:slight_smile:

Ducatis don’t appear(sound) to have very restrictive cans as standard, so probably not gonna make that much difference to flow.

Adding a Power commander will no doubt help it breathe better, but rather than splash out on one right away why not just take the bike to a dyno shop & get them to check the air/fuel ratio & see if it’s much out?

If its just a slip on pipe then I wouldn’t bother. Power commanders don’t have much play on them. I’d rather flash the ecu. This depends on the bike though. The BKing has restrictions in certain gears, is limited to 155mph which it can do in 4th. The 2nd bank of 4 injectors only fire up later so there is loads that flashing can do to gain performance over a pc3/5