Change of speed limit aroind Bloomsbury

I noticed a few months ago that Tottenham Court Rd is a 20mph limit.
Noticed tonight that the top of High Holborn (from Chancery lane up) is now also a 20mph.
Doubt its enforced but be aware!

(Extends up Holborn as far as the other side of Southampton Row and all the way to Centre point. Repeater signs are there but not very noticeable)

Yup, sneaky change they’ve done there. I noticed new paint on Gower Street/Bloomsbury Street, although I can’t recall seeing an actual road sign. I didn’t realise it was on Holborn too, explains my recent extra anger at slow people on that stretch :smiley: Thanks for the heads up!

Google tells me the whole of Camden is limited to 20mph now, excluding red routes as of 16/12

Obviously the endless road works at important intersections isn’t doing enough to slow down traffic…

At the top of Gower St (Euston Rd end by the Uni) there’s a huge flag on the left, like the ones put up during the olympics, saying “slower speed, safer roads”.