Change Of Day


"Thanks to Ginger’s, and other’s hard work, is pleased to announce a change in day for the Newbie Night at The Ace Cafe.

This will now be run on the first Sunday of the Month starting:Sunday 2nd March from 6:00pm.

Newbie night is an ideal oppurtunity for new members to come down and say hello but all existing members are welcome too. We have tables reserved for us from 6:00pm and and area of parking set aside - just look out for the banner and of course Ginger!

See you there

How to get there:
Newbie Nightat the Ace Cafe

links are here

lol, Ginger - you should have edited it slightly before posting it!!

Good news though - no ore twist and go chavs :cool:

Nice one ginge, sundays are easier for me, although, this sunday is mothers day! :Whistling:

Thats me out then, I’ll have to see if I can make the next one, too late notice for me to book it off work.

Nice one Ginger:)You can consider your digit well and truly extracted;):DI would have prefered a weekday but anything is better than the chavs:)

Thats a shame, it is a bit short notice to change the newbie nite date for this month IMO - fingers crossed for next month :slight_smile:

Maybe for this month only… have two newbie nights :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like Ginger will have to find someone else to pest! lol:w00t:

i’ll be there :D:w00t: mother will understand;)

Yippee!!! :satisfied:

Anyway… its Mothers DAY and Newbie NIGHT

Wot a good idea…maybe we can do that every month, a sunday and a better night :D:P

ok ok ok was just pointing it out.

Nice one Ginger, this is a much better date to have the Newbie Meet on! Hopefully more regular members will come along as well to welcome the newbies!

Nice Ginger! Thanks for all the ‘hard work’!

I’ll be able to make this one, I’ve got the whole afternoon to work out how to get there!

Will be down my mothers for the weekend, an excuse to come home early :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully we might see you at one Jay :D:P

wonder what excuse JP use then…?

cat got trots

dog got fleas

tyres are black

its rain/cold/hot/sunny :smiley:

might even make it myself now, easier than mondays :slight_smile:

There’s always lots of regular members to meet & greet the Newbies :cool:

Nice one Ginge:) better nite for me to, will try and make it this week:cool: