chance meet up with these lovely guys

not sure if I have posted this in the right place.
on my trip home from uni this evening, I met a group of lovely guys at the polish war memorial.
I pulled off the A40 as I though I hit a possible sharp object. You know the panic sets in, and you start to go into brain overdrive odd feelings in the front tyre! typical girl panic, not to mention running out of fuel too.
anyway, pulled into the polish war memorial, to see a group of guys, really nice chaps, turns out they are doing a ride through the UK and Europe for the RAF Benevolent Fund.
I own them a thank as a couple of them, came over to greet me, and checked my front tyre. Thanks guys. So I thought the decent thing to do was give them a mention and post the picture I managed to take. They had also been donated a Harley, couple of Triumphs and if my memory is correct waterproof gear to.
here the web link to them too;

hope you can view the picture, I’m not good at embedding!

Jesus, we owe those RAF boys of all nations a huge debt of gratitude. Where the government falls short in supporting them we should step in.

Their journey looks impressive. I’m sure there’ll be a few jokes made about not having visited some parts of Germany for quite some time.

Thanks for sharing.

If anyone is interested in commemorating the dead since WW11 there is the Ride to the Wall in October
Or the Ride of Respect at Royal Wootton Bassett which is on the 17th May. Camping from Friday night.

I will be doing both if anyone wants to tag along.