Chance gone?

Hey Guys
I work at a postroom at a university (best job ever) , theres a massive window where you can see everyone walk past , from the inside you can see everyone walking past:D , from the outside it’s hard to make out who’s in the postroom, only unless you come up close to the window and look in then you can get clearly see with the lights on , anyways I was just standing behind the sorting table facing the window when all of a sudden these 2 asian birds come over to the window they started knocking on it , then started waving at me and one of them winked at me , i had to look behind me to make sure i wasn’t being mistaken for someone else lol , turns out they were doing it at me , then they walked off i just laughed , but it’s just weird because the fact they come up close to the window to see me must of meant they seen me before , i know i should of done something but too late , do you guys think i’ll be hearing from them again?

Well if they do do it again then rush out and have a chat.

Sure they will, now that they know where you work :wink:

… besides failure is success if we learn from it :smiley: so run out and have a chat next time :stuck_out_tongue:

not a chance, they were 2 birds having a giggle at your expense. more on dear boy

not a chance, they were 2 birds having a giggle at your expense. move on dear boy

and how comes I can’t delete my misspelt reply!

Superb, a missed opportuntiy, bet you’re kicking yourself now. Maybe next time flash to bang won’t be so slow and you’ll be out there like a Whippet. When I worked in Whitehall my office window looked onto Whitehall Rd, we used to have a right laugh knocking the window at the tour groups who stopped outside and couldn’t see in.

you lucky thing!

mind don’t do the white elephant trick cos they won’t speak to you ever again no doubt :cool:


I’d say your lucky, i don’t have any windows in my office:w00t::wink:

If a girl knocked on my window I’d be worried as I’m on the 2nd floor! :smiley:

Prob a couple of young ladies having a giggle at your expence. Did you have your flies undone, were you picking your nose, showing your crack while bending down etc etc etc.

Ah never mind me im just a bit jaded :ermm:


I wasn’t doing anything apart from standing there , ah well you guys are right they were most likely having a laugh at my expense.