Hi gals and girls - a little bit of advice if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Chiswick Honda say I need a new chain and sprocket They say this because I over tightened it (possible) and looking at the chain it is a bit buggered - can’t see a problem with the sprocket thought.

So… the question is - do I have to replace the sprocket? If not where can I get a chain fitted that will keep the bike in warrenty and not cost me £165 (Chiswick Honda quote).


You do not have to change the sprocket. It is advisable if it is damaged, it will wear a new chain faster if this is the case. As for having to get it done by them, that is not the case. You are at liberty to get it replaced by anyone, even yourself. Not a difficult job if you have the correct tools. As for the chain, suggest you shop around.

Changing the chain should no way invalidate a warranty, you don’t need a trained Honda expensive monkey to do the job.

Great - thanks for that - £165 sounded a bit too steep!

Sounds to me like they are trying to have you over. Suggest you get someone who knows about chains to check it out, it may be ok. Overtightening of the chain will make it stretch but can also damage the gearbox so you should always be careful with adjustment.

Try getting hold of the chain on the back sprocket and pull it. My rule of thumb is that if I can get a large phillips screwdriver blade between the chain and sprocket, it needs a change. No doubt others have other methods but thats the one i use.

I’ll give that a try…


As chuffster says if you don’t replace the sprockets the new chain will wear quickly. Given that sprockets are not expensive I think it would be a false economy not to change the sprockets when you change the chain. For my 2001 Hornet the genuine Honda chain and sprocket kit only costs about £78 and lasts about 20,000 miles. I replace it when I find that I’m having to adjust the chain frequently (eg every 100-200 miles) or it develops a bad tight spot.

To remove the old chain, cut the new chain to length and fit the rivet link on the new chain you will need a good chain breaker/riveter such as this one:

Hope this helps

Thanks Duncan - I’ll have to look into that.



There are better and closer dealers then chiswick honda, Lloyd Coopers in Market Street Watford should be able to help. I wouldn’t go to HGB in Harrow / Ruislip as they buggered up the last chain they fitted to my baby.

If ya fancy it and I hope you would a run over to Motorcycle tyre Uk in romford would be well worth it and they can do a ride in ride out service.

That sounds like a good idea - I’ll give them a call - it’s only 20 miles from work! he he.

Watford may be an option then - may be able to drop the bike off tomorrow… mmmm interesting.