Chain Tightening my Duke

Hi everyone, given the closure of garages, I was hoping for some help. I really need to learn how to tighten my own chain. Is anyone handy in east London that can spare me a hand? I live in Canning Town. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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Loads of videos online.

And even manuals

If you’re going to do it yourself… Just give yourself loads more time than any of the guides say. Nothing like rushing to screw things up. Also read and reread the whole procedure before starting. Make sure you have all the tools and know what you are doing.

It’s easy enough once you’ve done it loads of times… Biggest error I always did was going crazy with tightening - easier tighten things up progressively, than finding out you over-tightened and then trying to loosen to get to right chain tension. You’d be surprised what a difference a quarter of a turn on each side does.

Just remember that when you are looking at the notches on the swing arm, to count them from the front of the bike towards the rear. I made the mistake of counting from left to right, which had the wheel crooked.

@Jay did you just correct my typos? :smiley:

Yes :slight_smile:

I have just found in life there is no substitute for mentorship and teachers. I know for a fact I will badly screw this up. I don’t have anything to lift the bike either at the mo

To be honest that’s probably a lot smarter than just having a go and ending up with a dangerous bike :slight_smile:

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I feel violated… :joy:

I went to BR Bikes in Whitechapel today and got this done! Didn’t charge me. Such an amazing characterful place. Do any of you guys know it?

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I can’t say I do but I would spend some time in lockdown familiarising yourself with chain tightening. It’s a regular maintenance and is easy enough to do with the right tools.

Speaking of which, especially when you own a KTM, having a good set of tools for little jobs on your bike is important.

How much did it cost?

But I agree with Serrisan, and I am sure very quickly the cost of paying someone else will outweigh the few tools you need.

They didn’t charge me anything

Not a place I’ve heard of before but always good hear of other places.

I’ve heard of several places who have done it for free but usually it’s been once a place gets to know you because you’ve been in a few times. Or if they’re not busy.

Ultimately learning how to do it means you’re not rushing to find a place next time it needs doing or having to wait. It can be the difference between getting on with your day/ride and spending the day finding a garage.

It’s always best to learn how to do something when you don’t need to do it.

talking about tightening chains
this just arrived

(my other torque wrenches were 1/4" drive)

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Nice bracelet, but not sure how that’s going to help with chain tightening? :laughing:

it helps me Brace better :smiley:

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That decking is a very good match. Glad you had that stick to point to the new board

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Nice bar @Panagiotis!