Chain spliter

Dont suppose anyone could lend me a chain splitter could they?

Heard theres one doing the rounds at the moment? Probably Andy P’s haha

If so I’ll be down the Ace tonight and will be changing my chain on saturday so can drop it back to you where ever you may be on sunday :smiley:

Errr AndyP’s chain splitter is still in my garage :blush:
If he’s OK with you borrowing it you’re more than welcome to pick it up (I’m near Walthamstow)

cool I’ll message him now! are you around the ace tonight?

If not I can be at the Ace tonight, I’ve got a Motrax one you can borrow.
Not sure what time though, what time will you be there from-till roughly?

awsome that would be great mate,

Err should be there from 5ish till late as I’m meeting a few mates there tonight.

Black suzuki bandit! with a very low slung chain :wink:

black red alpinestar jacket