Chain n sprockets

Anyone know a good place to purchase chain n sprockets and have them fitted for a reasonable price ?

If you’re going anywhere near Twickenham i’d recommend Les at L J motorcycle repairs, he’ll supply and fit them and the price will be right. 020 8891 2299.

Thanks Im out in the wilds but dont mind travelling if price right, and in london ya gonna have more shops than we have so prices might be cheaper.

Have a chat with Les, he’s a really good guy. Mention LB as well.:slight_smile:

could always try B&C express for chains and sprockets, they are very good deals wise and pretty knowledgeable

with regards to fitting, you could get some of the trusty LB lads and lasses round to give you a hand, cheap at the price of a cup of tea and some chocy biscuits!

Try SGT Motorcycles. Speak to steve and tell him Saj sent ya :wink:

0208 540 0889

What are the best chain and sprockets you can buy?

I was told I have tight spots in my chain after just a few thousand miles…I can’t even wheelie…Not impressed