Chain joining...... help!

Have been given the task of fitting a new chain to Dudettes SV650s

Have chain on and correct length, just got to rivet up the main link, be can’t get back plate of the chain tool in behind the riveter… any sugestions.

The main link supplied has a clip link, but could i rivet it?

Help!!! :w00t:

If the chain is supplied with a spring link you can’t pein the end over to make it a rivet link. You need to buy a specific “Soft Link” mate:)

Is the spring link type ok?

I personally wouldn’t use a spring clip on anything larger than a 125 but I’m sure others will argue:cool:

For the sake of 2 quid its peace of mind mate

im with him above…

if you need a proper pro quality chain riveter pop in to see me at true grip in vauxhall and you can lend mine.

but if you dont bring it back in the condition it left ill have to terminate you :slight_smile:

P.S we have soft links to…

All sorted! used Steve’s tool and got a soft link to fit chain… all hunky doory

Well done mate.

I’d hate to see the consquences of a spring clip failure.

btw, i just got a 48 ( 3 up) tooth rear sprocket to fit my fz1, but the chain is too short, shockingly… it’s an endless type of chain, so is it poss to add 2-3 extra links to accomodate the new sprocket?

or do i need to stretch it more, wait another 5k miles, or fit smaller front sprocket?


Why did you do that?Going down 1 tooth on the front is roughly the same as up 3 on the back and a lot easier to manage. It’s not wise to add 2-3 links, usually people get a longer chain.See if you can change the sprocket for a smaller front one and save the grief;)

i didn’t want a smaller front because of bigger strain on the chain as it wraps around a smaller circle, and longer wheelbase as the wheel goes back, and more wear to chain guide, aparently…

i guess i have no choice really, well, until the time comes to replace the chain anyway.

To be honest mate, going down 1 tooth on a front makes such a minimal difference to chain wear and stress. Wrap a chain in half and see how tight it will go, almost back on itself.

you might be right, it’s only 1 down from 17, and some bikes have 15 as standard. i’ve just bought one off fleebay, now thinking about fitting -1 +3 at the same time, make it a wheelie machine :smiley: