Chain Breaker Tool

So in total desperation, does anyone have a chain breaker and riveting tool I can borrow today / tomorrow?

I could very easily order one online but want to get it done so I can take the Hornet I’ve just bought for a bit of a ride. Than and getting it done this weekend means I can get it down to Borough Market on Wednesday. Have everything else I need…

Will obviously come pick up and return, so as not to convenience you!

:whimper: somebody help me please :whimper:

Looks like I’ll be checking out OMC fairly soon!

Your issue here is there was just a thread about chain breakers … I bet everyone thought this was another one or the same one :hehe:

Mate came through for me, borrowing it tomorrow… Should have it all sorted tomorrow evening and be down at BM on the 600 as opposed to the 125.

I have the tool you need and you could’ve borrowed, but you really need to specify where you are in London to narrow it down.

Should have noted that on the original post, Balham by the way. I’m always up for a ride if someone can help me out or I can help someone else out.