Chain and sprockets

30-40mm of actual freeplay looks and feels like a huge amount on the bike, but as you say, is what the book says. i still reckon most owners adjust to what they think is the right amount, but are actually way out. my theory at least

mate…go with Essential.

i know the guys pretty well, they would never try and rip you off or suggest something that is not right for the bike, i ALWAYS have my chain and sprockets changed there, and never had a problem, sounds to me like the dealer is taking you for a right mug.

no offence fella but a CBF500 has fug all power and torque, the bigger the bike, the quicker the chain will need replacing/adjusting also depends on your riding style, also scottoilers can and do get oil on the back tyre, not something i am comfertable with, i have on eon my SV, it was on there when i bough it, i keep meaning to take it off!its not currently in use at the mo, i prefer manually lubing the chain.

£400 is absolutely way over the top, spectacularly so.This is the setup I would have gone for - DID ZVM2 X-Ring Gold Chain and Sprocket Kit Extreme Upgrade - a snip at £130.46 for the 2008 version (not sure what year your bike is). That will withstand any abuse you throw at it.

The Scottoiler eSystem may be more expensive than the vanilla version but in time it will pay for itself as it wastes a lot less oil, working as it does on the basis of the bike’s movement rather than the engine’s revs, so the oil won’t continue to be fed whilst you’re sitting in traffic or waiting for the engine to warm up :w00t:

with ratty on that one…not keen on oil dripping near rear tyre :w00t:

I just use castrol chain wax…sticks really well and very rarely adjust chain, but my bike aint got much power n I ride it like a wimp at legal speeds everywhere :Whistling:

No one has mentiioned the fact that the OE equipment comes in a nicely printed box where as the pattern parts come in either shoddy boxes or plastic shrink wrap.

Surely that nice box has got to worth the difference?

I’m gonna speak to my mate at - Tom Tunstall (BSB racer 21)

Check his site out as it’s pukka material and he gets it out asap.

But bear in mind that trotting up to a dealer expecting them to fit it will likely result in you being turned away - they won’t risk fitting parts they haven’t supplied, and you can’t blame them really.

So you will likely need to fit them yourself, plenty people on here will help you fit it no doubt. I did my first a wee while ago and it’s not too bad at all.

Put an AFAM C&S kit along with a Scottoiler on my 1200 Bandit (more torque than an SV thou), that was over 27,000 miles ago, last adjusted the chain about 26,700 miles ago after it had bedded in.

Never had any probs with oil on the rear wheel either (or any of the other bikes I’ve had them on), you just need to spend a few mins to get the flow rate set correctly & remember to check/adjust it come spring to account for the warmer weather making the oil flow easier.

As for a previous comment about them being ugly, again it comes down to spending a few mins thinking about fitting them cleanly, I’ve even had people squatting down looking at he back end 'cos they didn’t believe it had one fitted ! :smiley:

Oh the icing on the cake is that the good folk up at Scottoiler HQ provide probably the best customer service in the biking industry. :slight_smile:

Thanks but I’ve got some ordered at essential rubber and so will be getting it replaced there. Will keep it in mind next time it needs changing. :slight_smile:

If your lucky you might get some stickers as well - which you can put on your toolbox/swingarm. :satisfied:

Worth every penny then! :smiley:

you sure it has more torque?

plus i did say it depends on riding style… i spend alot of time scraping my sliders, i dont and wil never trust a scottoiler…i have seen a few bikes with oil on the back tyre from scottoilers…again i DONT trust them and when i have seen oil on the back tyre its worse than any chain lube splash and its always on the edges of the tyre, not ideal when your cranked right over is it.

just an opinion…

steveCBR11XX (20/04/2010)

with ratty on that one…not keen on oil dripping near rear tyre :w00t:

I just use castrol chain wax…sticks really well and very rarely adjust chain, but my bike aint got much power as the b king and I ride it like a wimp at legal speeds everywhere and its a crap honda:Whistling:[/quote]

is that right steve:D

I asked about getting a scott oiler fitted at Essential rubber when I was getting a tyre changed because I saw they had some in stock. The Guvnor said that a can of lube and some discpline are better. Lube once a week and every day if it rains. I’ve not considered once since because he was the Guvnor.

tug 1340 (20/04/2010)

hark at the batty boy [email protected] rider who was soooo sloooow at Pod even the chavs on there scoots were ganging up on him :D:D:D:P:P:P

400 quid??? 400 QUID!!!

Name and shame mate, which dealer was it?

400 QUID!!!


J&S New Malden. They wanted £230 for the chain and £100 for both sprockets and fitting on top.

You do know what the J and the S stand for don’t you? :wink:

…about Scott Oilers.

They will only chuck oil over the rear tyre if they’re not primed correctly / installed in an optimum position.

There is a setting to adjust how much lube is applied as you ride.

You’ll find the riders that have problems, have this setting too high.

yeah my DID Xring heavy duty was £120 fitting… but £140 sounds right depending what it is, I would go for a D.I.D. one… would get it from the shop since if you get the chain for around £90 100 you will pay labour around £35 at least so you would get same price.