Chain and sprockets

My chain needs to be replaced, I have got a quote from the dealer and they want nearly £400 for it, £280 for the chain and £100 for both sprockets. I have got one ordered from Essential Rubber and the combo is £140 fitted. My question is what’s so special about the chain from the dealer? Is what the dealer quoted me a normal price? Seems very steep to me. How much do you guys pay for chain and sprocket and also how long do they last?

£400??? Crickey, what sort of bike do you ride?
£140 sounds about right, I think that’s what I paid at FWR, and I think that was fitted.

The dealer was about to bend you over and insert a cactus in your ar*e ! £400 ! Incredible. Even on the Hayabusa a 530 ZVM2 heavy duty chain and new steel sprockets was only £160 fitted. £140 sounds perfectly reasonable.

Just a box standard R6 really, was shocked at the price I got quoted from the dealer. I’m not sure why it was so high, thought maybe it was a heavy duty chain or something. But then Essential Rubber wouldn’t or shouldn’t I would’ve thought sell me a chain that isn’t specific or meant for my bike.

I have done 16k and am the second owner and had it from 6k so presuming most chains last about 15-20k? Is that an accurate assumption? How can you make the chains last longer?

Daylight robbery mate.

their labour costs must be massive!

140 for a kit + fitting sounds about right. Kit should be 100 (AFAM, DID, RENTHAL, etc) + 35-40 labour.

I am guessing OEM parts are in the region of £250 + £150 Labour from the dealer. Bit excessive for a standard job.

I would without a doubt go with Essential Rubber or ADZ (who did my chain and spockets a while back) on the forum. I dont believe a non-oem chain and sprockets affect your warranty.

Plus a DID one will probably last longer and look pimping!

I think I got the chain and sprokets done on my old CB500 for £125 at Chiswick Honda.(Or it wasn’t much more than that). 400 seems a bit steep.

I got 8000 miles out of a set but that was because I didn’t oil the chain and then went for a massive rideout and that wrecked them. You can get big milages out of a chain if you keep it maintained and don’t nail it everywhere. Maintenance I can see the point of but not nailing it anywhere? You could just take the bus instead.

Worth a ganders, will be getting mine from here next time, paid 120 for the set on the Vara last year:

don’t scott oil reckon using one of their oilers will prolong the chain enough to get 40k out of it? bit skeptical about that myself

The price quoted by the dealer was excluding fitting! That was just for the parts.

Does a scotoiler really increase the life by that much? How much does one cost?

scott oiler’s about £75 for the kit off ebay iirc.
if you want to avoid chain maintanence, it’s a no-brainer.

I have Scott oilers on both my road bikes, it does pre-long the life of the chain by loads.
Think on the current one I must be on about 20,000 or there about and still loads of life left in it.

Chains and sprockets are pretty straight forward to change as long as you have a center stand or paddock stand, will take about an hour or so

out of interest, how tight would you adjust the chain to?

the number of people that look at mine and think its waaay too loose worried me at first, but all the dealers say its spot on. i reckon people getting comparatively less miles out of chains etc just run the chain far too tight.

My Haynes manual says 30 - 40mm of free play (Triumph Trident 750)

£400, bring it to me, i’ll do it for £300.:D:DTrust Essential Rubber, they know what they’re doing and are happy to answer any questions too (been going there for years).

Scottoilers can extend the life of your chain but are butt ugly, i had one and ended up with a massive tight spot, took it off after that and just keep an eye on things.

you got pm :wink:

CBF500 bought new in 2006. Scottoiler fitted, sold 2009 with 30K on the clock original chain and sprockets. Chain checked but never adjusted by me. Estimated another 15 to 20K of life left when sold.

WOW, that’s a lot of extra life. Would definitely be worth getting a scottoiler I think. Will put it on my purchase list.