Chain adjustment

how often should i look to adjust my chain? should it go slack or feel slack that often? i dont know if its just me but i seem to have to adjust my chain quite frequently, i would say every 1000 miles or so… is this normal, and i dont ride it that hard either…

What does your manual say about chain tension mate? And more importantly have you checked with any Tiger owners forums about it?This has to be your best source of info… As an example my Africa Twin does best with a loose chain - more so than the manual says.

Are you checking the chain tension with you on the bike? Remember you tigger has a lot of slack when you’re off the bike as there is loads of suspension travel to take into account.

Didn’t they change the chain? Is this just a bit of adjustment as it beds in?

there is no real tiger club, but ive found a great website by a guy dedicated to the tiger 955i, he is very helpful, yes she does need a lot more slack, same as your twin, just feels slack when im on it…

It says in my manual that there should be no more than 35-40mm in slack… will need to check tommorrow.

The chain wasnt changed as they said it had a lot more life left in it.

Those Range Rovers do have a lot of suspension travel to bear in mind.

Sorry wrong forum

Hardly ever adjust mine, lube up regular though

I check mine once a week (which is about 400 miles) but rarely have to adjust it. But it’s kept lubed by my scotoiler which helps prevent it stretching. Also more powerful bikes (mines only a 600 Bandit) wear them out quicker as they’re under more strain and the power delivery from a single,twin or indeed a triple such as yours is different which makes them wear out quicker (not sure why, I’m not an engineer, someone did tell me once, but they may as well have been speaking chinese).

Yeah yeah…

Range Rovers indeed, hehe i like my “Rangerover” ta very much, shes lovely, im gonna have to invest in a scotoiler, maybe its just my imagination… gonna get greasing on wednesday…

ooh and we are off to Devon at the weekend!!, well sat night…

I flippin hope the fecking topbox rack arrives, grr

You can borrow my H&B rack if it doesn’t as it will fit your Top Box.

Really? ooh thats kind, but will it fit the tiger? xx

We’ll have a look - should be able to fix it on somehow!

Tigger stayed on didn’t he?

Ignore me I would

yes he did, but i think the rck may be a bit trickier…


1000 miles per adjustment sounds like alot, i would expect that if you dont ride it hard to be adjusting every 3-5k or so maybe even more.

I suspect that you are overtightening it, big trailies can be a pain to get the chain right due to the large amount of suspension travel, see if you can get a chum to adjust it while you are sat onthe bike.

Remember as the suspension compresses the chain will tighten. the chain will be at its tightest point whent he front sprocket and rear spindle and swingarm pivot point are inhorizontal alignment.

As patrick says these type of bikes prefer more rarther than less slack in the chain. as i found out with Dennis, ive not gone near the chain in about 6000 miles.

thanks matey, well im sure my chain adjustment isnt too tight, it may just be me, ive never had a giant trailie before, i know they require the extra to take up the slack when you sit on them