Celeriac and fennel mash

So we`ve tried to give this remarkable recipe to Gordon, Jamie et al but their websites assume you want their recipes.

So this one is for you LB gourmets.

After preparation both ingredients take around 15 min.

Take a fennel bulb the size of a well worn tennis ball, chop finely and gently sweat it in a skillet with olive oil (add finely chopped garlic to taste)

Season with freshly ground pepper and sea salt.

Take one medium sized celeriac head (about 15cm diameter) Remove skin and any brown bits. Chop into approx 3cm pieces and steam for 15 min.

After 15 min combine the two and mash well.

An ideal accompanient to lamb steaks, sea bream or pork medillions with Dijon mustard Sauce.

Goes well with sauted organic chestnut mushrooms and steamed green beans.

A fine starter would be beetroot salad with herring in dill and mustard sauce.

Reccomended wine regardless of fish, lamb or pork option, three bottles of Chilian Carminare.

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Does the mash not fall through the holes when you BBQ it ?

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Celeriac and fennel mash.

I’m not that keen on celariac, or fennel come to that.

Can I leave them out of the recipe?

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