CBT School in Richmond/Twickenham area

My girlfriend would like to do her CBT and we live in the Richmond/Twickenham area. Having had a full bike licence for a number of years now I have no experience with the CBT schools in the area.

Can anyone here make a recommendation regarding a good school in this area or S.W. London in general?

There is Elite in Wimbledon. PM Bumble she is an instructor there.

dont they still do it in Ham ? the guy behind ham parade shops & the arthur daley carfront services the bikes iirc

Can’t remember name of place in Ham but did cbt there. Then full access at Chiswick Honda, think that was with Elite??? been a while now… memory has faided. Ask your local dealer who they use. You’d save money if you just go for all in one CBT and DAS. There are deals where they garantee you to pass, no extra tuition fees if you fail test. You just have to pay for the retest.

Here are some to be going on with.


went past jack lillys in ashford today, and there is a place just opened up next door, i dont know how long they have been there - http://www.ultimateridertraining.com/

not to far from richmond, twickenham

Thanks for the responses. Sadly it’s not going to happen this weekend now…

While she’s allowed to drive in the UK on her EU licence for as long as she likes (no compulsion to change to a UK licence), apparently she can’t do a CBT without at minimum a UK paper counterpart for her EU licence. So now we have some DVLA fun to deal with.

I’ll keep the info saved until we get the licence bit sorted out. Thanks again.

Kaos is right, the one in Ham is very good. They taught me how to ride, so they must be good! I’d recommend them.