CBT & Provisional license

Hi Guys I want to settle a arguement as I want my kid to do things by the book as I have always done but obviously things have changed over the years
I ve told him provisional license and then CBT course
Which he agrees
My friend says the police have no way of seeing if he holds a CBT or a provisional licence unless he’s stopped is this True.

Hey Honda-Man welcome to LB.

which one is the argument settler as there is two there in my opinion.

Is he going to get insurance? They will ask if he has a licence. Police cameras in cars will ping if there is no insurance without the police ever getting out of their car.

As I thought obivously he will have insurance and the CBT.
My friend is saying that police are unaware if the rider has the CBT ,my view was the APNR flags everything from insurance,tax,mot, my mate said license don’t flag up especially provisional riders or the CBT certificate I find it hard to believe in this modern era

your licence isnt tied to a vehicle, so anpr can only check tax, insurance and MOT.

If he has an accident or is pulled over and does not have a CBT, then he will be prosecuted for driving without a licence, and no insurance (as any insurance he bought will be invalid without a CBT).
This will get his bike confiscated, a fine of upto £1000, and upto 6 points on the licence he doesn’t have yet. His insurance costs will then rise dramatically if he does want to try again more legally

Thanks guys I was wrong then I’ll have to apologize to my buddy lol :joy: I was on the understanding that APNR checked license too how wrong am I :roll_eyes: feel stupid now

I’m sure the Police have access to the DVLA motor vehicles database which would mean that they can ID the registered keeper from the number plate and then cross check that against the driver licence database, that’s what they did when we got stopped by Nottinghamshire’s finest. Which would mean that the Police can gain tax, insurance, MOT and registered keeper details and if the registered keeper is the person with the vehicle they can check the Driving Licence and CBT details too.

Oh so they can interesting conflicting story’s lol :rofl: I’d love to know who’s 100% right

At a roadside stop by Nottinghamshire’s finest a couple of years back I was ID’d for tax, insurance, MOT and Driving Licence just by answering yes to the question “is this motorcycle registered to you” and the access to that information was more or less instant and included the photograph from my DL!

Firstly, the DL196 (CBT pass certificate) is registered with DVLA as it validates the licence and Police can check against the DVLA database.

They can also issue an old fashioned HO/RT1 (what you guys used to call a producer)

Insurance companies usually ask for proof of CBT having been completed before a valid certificate is issued, but, many will provide temporary cover so the policy holder can complete CBT on their own bike.

Riding without CBT carries points, fines and potential disqualification as the licence holder is failing to comply with the conditions of a provisional licence.

It also gives insurers the get out from honouring any policies and declining to pay out except for third party injury or damage.

I have booked many hundreds in the past for this exact offence, so he makes his choices and takes his chances…

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Thanks my boy certainly will be obeying the rules it was more a argument between me and my mate

When I was invited to stop and speak to a motorcycle traffic officer in Wales within a few seconds my name and address were recited back to me over the radio plus the current state of road tax, MOT and insurance (I think). I hadn’t even told him my name. Just that it was my bike and registered to me.

With no CBT you are bound to do something daft that will draw the attention of the police just because it looks out of place.

If your mate is encouraging you and your son not to get a CBT
You need a new mate


No one is encouraging anyone about not getting a CBT mate the argument was me I said the CBT must show up on police data base or computer APNR and he said it doesn’t only insurance and tax mot

As was said above ANPR relates to a vehicle so it will show, tax, insurance and MOT.
CBT and licence relate to a person. Police will have access to that info but can only take action if they stop the vehicle to confirm who is in charge of it.

Checking the licence state of the registered keeper only gets you so far. If I’m driving my wife’s car then it tells them nothing of use.

It is the legal responsibility of the driver/rider to be able to prove their insurance to the police, and the same is true of their driving licence and MOT. Most police officers will have access to those through their computers and radios, and can check those at the roadside, but if their equipment is not working, they could report a driver/rider for not having any of the aforementioned.