CBT necessary before theory test?

I got my housemate to book up his theory test for this Tuesday, so that he can do a CBT & DAS in a weeks time. Am I right in thinking he doesn’t need to do his CBT before the theory test? If not I’m a chump who owes him £30…

Any provisional license will do. I am sure DSA would really prefer you to have the theory before the CBT.

He doesn’t need to do his theory test before his CBT, however he will have to have the theory test comlete before he goes for his DAS practical test.

Don’t think they asked for my CBT when I did my theory, just my drivers license.

A theory test is not required for doing a CBT, it is only required before doing the full A class practical test. If you don’t have it when you turn up for the test, no test.

It is not a requirement for the training either. Because you might have a couple of weeks to wait for the test, during which time you can do the theory test.

Cheers for the advice everyone, that’s cleared things up.