CBT in Central / South / Southwest London

G’day all. I’m looking to book in to do my CBT before I buy a scooter for commuting purposes. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a decent centre for me to book with? I live in SW London / East Surrey but South or Central London are options for me too. I was thinking of Metropolis as these guys seem to be scooter-centric but am open to options!

Try Elite in Earlsfield/ Wimbledon.

Here’s my celebratory post - http://londonbikers.com/forums/FindPost276326.aspx

+1 for metropolis.

Instructors are great as is the rest of the staff. Except for the sales team, they behave like wankers.

Thanks guys, both sound like good options. Ricco: When did you do your CBT? Recently or a while ago?

Phoenix is good if you’re near Croydon, too.

Try Think Bike in Kingston. Simon runs it. He’s great.


Elite became Premier and now they only work out of the Wembley branch.

I know this because I did my DAS with them about 14 months ago and in between the first and second lessons the Wimbledon centre closed down, meaning I had to travel from Tooting to bloody Wembley at stupid o-clock every morning in sub-zero temperatures.

I would still recomend them but probably not for south londoners.

It was around Q2 2011.

The training team are great. But unfortunately that means walking on through the sales area. From what I witnessed, unless you’re making a purchase or one of their high profile customers, they don’t give a ****.

As I said the training is high quality, although some of their training sites seem rather questionable. Unfortunately, that place has left a bitter taste, but that is unrelated to the training.

for central/west London visit www.offthekerbmct.co.uk all our customers use these guys and they are the best for CBT


Just to let you know, I ended up going to Metropolis as it was well reviewed here, and also easy to get to on the train. Did my CBT at the end of January in the slashing rain and biting cold, and despite my inherant cyclist habits I passed. I’ve put a deposit on a PCX which I’m picking up on Saturday :smiley:

Scoot-commute here I come!

Thanks again,


Nice one mate. You should pop down to a meet sometime. hope you have many happy miles on your new toy.

Did mine with Metropolis, they were very good. Avoid Bikewize.