Just bought a 1990 CBR400RR TRI-ARM, anyone know of a seat conversion that has grab rails? Im off line for a bit so leave me a message if you can, cheers

chris :hehe:

I don’t know of any grab rails available for them, I find if I ever have someone on my TL to put their hands on the tank even though it has a grab rail. This puts thier body wieght in a better place and also means they take their own weight under braking. Adjust your riding to accomodate, be super smooth a skill to be developed that will help with everyday riding anyway. A good rider should be able to take a passenger and let them feel so safe that hanging on is unnecessary.

What Dunk said :wink:

indeed, as dunk said, with a pillion its all about being smooth!

and give your self extra room to slow down! i have had a few pillions onboard thumper now, al have enjoyed themsleves and felt totally at ease and trusted me, i too often get them to use the tank for support and i tell them to lean forward when they feel me accelerate (no grab rails) but i wear love handles, or pillion grips around my waist, its a belt with loops for your pillions hands to go in, brilliant bit of kit, £19.99 @ halfords.

lol cheers all, itl have to be the love handles (mine arent big enough yet :D). as most know the cbr aint built for two up comfort n the seat is tiny so itl be smooth easy ridin. just how shelikes it. lol

those love handles are good to a point but they’re still using you to hold the pillion on the bike. thats fine if you’re crusing and the pillion is upright, but you still need to be smooth and if you brake suddenly your pillion will pile into you.

best thing your pillion can do is reach around you (ahem) and brace themselves on the tank. their weight will be forward so they wont tend to throw backwards as much when you accelerate, and when you brake they put their weight through their hands into the tank. obviously there is a comfort question so it depends on your riding and how long you’re riding for.

also have a look at Triboseat (grippy cover for the pillion seat). stops your pillion’s ass sliding about and makes it easier for them.

i dont think love handles are that usefull because as a pillion is easy to stop your self from going backward but it when they break and you cant stop yourself pushing them forwards its a pain
and love handles dont help for that
but bars behind you do

yeah cheers all.Loe handles for now n im gonna see about a conversion as Paula can only just reach on too the tank n its killing her wrists. Seen a few cbr4’s now with R1 conversions on… now who’sgot an R1? lol:D