cbr250rr any good?

Im going to take my restriced license when i turn 17 and and thinking about buying a cbr250rr and getting it restricted jus wanna know if their any good. because i can get one for 1k

Also what this about a power to weight ratio not exceeding 0.16kw/kg…?

good little bikes but from 1994-1996 they was restricted to producing 40 ps (30 kW) but as far as i no the restrictors are in the cylinder head head gasket and ignition unit once u done that it will make 45 ps (34 kW) pmsl.:hehe:

Have you done the simple thing of sticking cbr250rr into a Google search?

Almost too much info. out there.

yes simples thats wot i did lol and got mates from other fourms with the 250rr and 400:D