Cbr125r Ram Mount?

Hey everyone.

New to the community so unsure if this is the right place to be posting such a question, however must post.

I’m looking for a universal phone mount to fit onto my 2011 Honda Cbr125r.

I am currently rocking an Oxford tank bag with a clear top which I am using for the time being but as this is directly under my head, I need to look directly down to see my satnav which raises safety concerns.

So, I want a mount that will fit the handlebars of the cbr125r. From doing research so far, it seems that a handlebar mount would not fit so I would be looking for a Ram Mount.

Does anybody know If the cbr125r can be fitted with such a mount? Or if not, has anyone had any experience with this bike and mounts?


is that the one with clip on handlebars? you’ll need a stem mount.

but then what phone do you have?

Have you checked out this site? http://www.ram-mount.co.uk

There are LOADS of options…

Im currently using a Galaxy S3.

I had a glance on the site last night but will take a proper look this morning. My main concern is, does the CBR125r have the ability to be fitted with such a mount? I saw another thread where someone said they had to do some manual drilling into the stem :S. Dont really want to make such drastic customization.

ah I see. I guess your top cap nut below the ignition, holds the top yoke of the forks on?
IF you drilled it or replaced the nut with a hollow one then you could buy something like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tough-Case-Motorcycle-Mount-for-Galaxy-S3-fits-the-Suzuki-GSX-R1000-2005-2007-/121034338690?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item1c2e357182 (I know it’s for the wrong bike).

instead, I suggest you get this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/IPX4-Waterproof-Tough-Case-Metal-U-Bolt-Bike-Handlebar-Mount-for-Galaxy-S3-SIII-/380500263094?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item58979540b6 the clamp where the U-bar bolts in is the same bolts as that holds your lever mounts to your bike. you can replace the current plate for the ram one.

not the greatest view, but you can see the bottom bolt where I attached my mount to the brake reservoir of my vfr

This looks like the ideal option BUT, from memory of what my handlebars look like, I feel that there may not be enough room for such a mount to be installed. Im working on getting some pictures uploaded but I think they will be either too thick, or not enough room.

Does this help at all?

yeah, you’ll have room there. the mount is no wider than the current plate.

I didn’t realise your mirrors aren’t on your bars. if you get the right bolt and fit one of these to the mirror hole in front of your thumb, http://www.ram-mount.co.uk/mirror-mount-9mm-hole-with-1-ball-p-1016.html then you could fit the phone mount there.

That Mirror mount idea seems to be the best option so far. Just trying to figure out what are the correct parts to order along with the mount itself. Will let you know how I get on. Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ll be at BM tonight if you want to chat about it. I’m the loud one with a beard and no bike.

Awesome. I cant make it down tonight but will be looking to come down in a couple of weeks. Will be my first meet so looking forward to it.

Ive spoken to RAM Mount UK and they put me in touch with a company called Telferizer. They do a custom mount that fits Honda bikes, which include the CBR125. Im putting an order through now so once I have received the item and installed I will post pictures (if it all goes to plan)

That could be a description to any number of the street people that frequent the area :wink:

Change of plan, will be coming down tonight. See you there.

So, for anyone interested, this is what I have now been sent. It is a custom headstock bolt and 1" ram ball.


that mount looks pretty good!