CBR125-RW8 2008 Model. 600 Miles OTC. £2,299ono for LBers!

Hey guys,

As I’ve just passed my A2 I’m putting my great little CBR125 up for sale. If you have a 33BHP bike you’re looking to sell or swap let me know. Definitely interested :slight_smile:

I’ll take offers from LBers but bare in mind this is a hugely expensive bike new and this bike is almost immaculate and over a grand less!

This is up on fleebay at the moment and this is the summary:

Quick Summary

  • 600 Miles on the clock
  • Canadian Import (UK Model, Registered etc)
  • Only ‘pleasure’ use till I passed my test
  • I put all 600 miles on this bike, in three months. Rest of the time was in storage!
  • Never dropped, basically brand new still. No rust, no signs of corrosion
  • HPI Check printed for you (provided by eBay) from when I originally bought the bike
  • Tax 12~ months
  • MOT not required (less than 3 years old). Due this time next year I believe.
  • Fuel Injected!

After years of driving a car I decided to return to biking a few months ago. With this bike in tow I’ve just passed my A2 and I’m moving up to a CBR600 (hopefully). I bought this bike from an importer who had another 4-5. Each of which was entirely brand new, registered to his company (as the V5 will show). I bought this bike with 1 km on the clock and no signs of use what-so-ever! When I bought it he had given it a service. I have since swapped most of the oil and bought some DOT4 just in case.

I bought this bike purely for the pleasure of riding (oh and it’s a dam good looking bike). The majority of the miles were from a several trips to Box hill and down to the coast. For those who are reasonably tall, don’t worry I’m 6’2 and my girlfriend is 5’4 we can both comfortably ride the bike.

This bike is in fantastic condition, it literally looks brand new. Very little signs of use. There’s a couple of scuff marks on the stickers where it was moved through a house (don’t ask) and the numberplate bottom has a slight might where an L plate was removed. Apart from that, everything is great. No mechanical issues, starts perfectly. Generally a great little machine which has been reliable - well it’s a Honda!

You’re welcome to come checkout the bike (feel free to bring a mechanic). Sadly I cannot allow test rides but I’ll take the bike out on your behalf and you may follow to check everything is mechanically sound.

What’s included

  • 2 Keys
  • V5
  • License plate registration form
  • 12 Months Tax Disc
  • Manual
  • Tool kit
  • Haynes Manual (This is the more efficient/faster Injection model which the manual doesn’t cover but it’s still good for general maintenance)

I may be able to deliver the bike to you if you’re within a reasonable distance (I’ll ride the bike). There are plenty of services which deliver by van, they’re usually priced around £100~.

The ‘Small Print’
While I’ve tried to make sure everything is accurate if I’ve missed something I apologise.

If you have any questions you’re best to catch me via email as I tend to be out quite a lot.

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Ah you’ve twisted my arm, dropping to £2,100 for LBers. Just given her a good going over with ACF50 too…