CBR1000f with vibration problem

Just bought a cbr1000f 92 which seems to have pretty bad vibrations coming htrough the handlebars, especialy at around 80.

Does anyone know if this is a common problem with these bikes and if so is there a cure.

all help would be greatly appreciated

has front wheel been balanced, is there a weight on there?

Tyre pressure ok?

Has it got Alloy bar ends ?

There’s vibration and vibration:D

Is it a high frequency buzzy type engine vibration or a low frequency wobbly road speed related vibe?

Get the front wheel balance & the wheel bearings checked.

If it is bad even at low speeds then more likely wheel bearings. Just because there are balance weights on the rim, doesn’t mean it was balanced last time a tyre was fitted.

Try Essential Rubber for wheel balancing and bearings if your in East London.

Have they moved?

well if it vibrates at 80… then travel at 90 :P:D

I had bad handlebar vibrations (not peg) on my CBR6
Wheels were fine
Got the bad notch in steering head adjusted out and proper honda bar ends put on at the same time a couple of weeks ago and the problem disappeared.

The last time this post (or very similar) came up, the best answer (having checked out all the mechanical causes, was to fill the handle bars half/two thirds full of dry sand.

(Asked a mechanical design engineer about this and got a short lecture on on fluid dunamics. Cutting the theory, it does and should apparently work.)

But, do the mechanical checks first. Something might need fixing.

hi i have the same bike with high frequency vibration on the handle bars so bad that my hand gets numb, anyone any ideas as to what would cause this

Could be aftermarket bar ends (stock ones are a specific weight to damp the bars), un balanced wheels or head race needs adjusting.