cbr? vfr?

can anybody help me? i want to buy my first bike and im thinking about a vfr400 nc30 or cbr400rr, but im not to sure what the difference is between the two, thanks

vfr v-four engine

cbr in line engine

thats for starters, lol

A lot of the difference is the engine - the VFR motor is a gem, and the bike is an absolute beauty.

The CBR is a good bike, but not as special as the VFR.

another vote for the VFR

V4 is what you want :D:D

5’10 or under cbr400rr gullarm great bikes vfr 400 great bikes harder to work on more torqey than cbr, 5,10 or over great bikes zxr400 easy to work on

i have owned all 3 and think there all great bikes but being 5’10 the zxr400 was a much better bike size wise , gullarm handled the best all did over 130 vfr handled ok just much harder to work on

zxr handled well very easy to work on and allways tons of spares for them so cheaper to maintain

or get a gullarm with a 600 engine in and your look like this every time you ride it:D:D:Dbut saying all that if you can find one get a rvf 400 everything about them is good best of both worlds

96 Honda RVF 400

Got to say im with Si here!!!

The RVF will run circles round all 400’s but tend to be a bit pricey as there a bit special. So either that or the VFR in my opinion followed a close third by the ZXR400.