CBR 600 F4i Stunt Bike

As some of you may know i have been building up a stunt bike from the frame up doing all that is needed to get it road legal
Well i do originally go fully faired but thought to myself that just going to smash fairings up so went naked in end… Bike not Me :wink:
Have a few minor adjustments and parts waiting for but basically done so thought would share and list al stunt mod in case anyone was interested…

Here is how bike stands at present

I have added r1 front end from a 2000
Custom Made 12 Bar and tail Saver
Added freestyle ingenuity cage
Sub cage from Stuntbikestore
handbrake set up with a linked brake system for foot brake
Killswitch bypass and slightly hidden ignition
Clean Air Mod
Bypassed Tilt Sensor
Start in Gear Mod
2nd idle Mod
Moved Ignition into air box

I still have Clutch Arm Mod to do and need to dent tank and my first attempt was piss poor but all is learning curve

And am waiting on front fender to come, get seat recovered and sorting out some wiring and then i am good to go

Would like to Thanks DanielGT for giving me a hand and NumNum for advice

Anywho if anyone would like help doing of the above drop us a PM

give us a go :smiley:

BUILD THREAD YAAAAAYYY!!! :slight_smile:

and hopefully blog of Daniels stunt practice :cool: i think a go pro should be on the shopping list next :wink:

Check the size of that sprocket :laugh: Looking good :slight_smile:

I’m always at the ready with the cable ties.

@GP - No stunting for me lol… It would actually be me that manages to kill a stunt bike… And myself :Whistling:

looking nice man =] ull have to let me show u how to use the 12 o’clock bar XD im getting good at 12 o’clocking bikes now XD

i had no idea so much went into a stunt bike…

explain the denting of the tank thing?

i was referring to the other Dan danielGT :stuck_out_tongue: comon captain slow time to get a gopro and show us what it takes to learn :smiley:

@GP - If you aren’t careful you’ll be getting a Dan sandwich :wink:

It makes it easier to stand/sit on the tank when stunting

@GP no go pro for me want to put 04 R1 front end on :slight_smile: plus rather have a Drift HD

@NumNum 64 Tooth rear is great for stunting but useless for road 45mph tops

@Ross yer should defo meet up i teach how to use bike properly :stuck_out_tongue:

To get a idea of how bike started here is a pic:

drift you for reall there ugly beasts of things way to big for anything good i have a contour hd and a gopro hero 2 (if we meet ill strap them up on your bike to get some good shots XD) and the contour is nice and small but cant get any good mounts the gopro is so universal can attach to the engine bars or handle bars helmet chest rear facing in the rear mudguard all sorts try that with a drift lol

damn thats good…next project sort my ZXR7 for me :D:D

I say wanting drift as i get mates rates and have seen them take a beating and still work all good and you can attach a drift anywhere just use black tack…

I dont think the hero could still work after being on side of bike and bike going down on that side and sliding…

id say the gopro would last longer then the drift if im honest plus the better wide angle better quality all sorts =] but you tuck it in a bit so it wont take a full beating lol

Well we could always test it :wink:

Actually been looking at zxr7 recently something about them does it for me…

After doing finishing touches need another project or might build another f4i from frame up have all parts too but would go for RR swing arm and possibly Gixer front end… But that would be streetfighter not stunt

How did you get a different front end to fit? Did you have to keep the original yokes?

Or use the yokes to go with the new forks and swap the steering stem over?

Trying to decide how to do this on my blade…

the 929 and 954 yokes fit straight onto a f4i with no adjustments needed also r1 from 98 - 04 as far as i am aware but dont quote me…

I have 954 yokes with r1 2000 forks, wheels and brakes but want to either put 04 forks and wheel and brakes
As better and my wheel is buckled as **** or just get 2000 wheel and change calipers

What year and model your blade?

i may have a straight bar yoke that may fit it…