Cb650f not starting

Pain in the arse. Been home for the week and not on the bike. Started first time yesterday.

Today, pump runs, can hear it turning over, and the engine sounds like it wants to fire but no joy.

Tried jump starting but no joy.

How annoying! Any ideas?

Some bikes dont like to be started briefly then turned off

Same with women :slight_smile:

Try opening throttle wide open and operating starter ( at your own risk ) thia may allow it to spark but not fuel and if flooded may dry the plugs sufficiently

Thanks. Tried the open throttle idea, no joy.

There are so many reasons why an engine fails to start. Edited salient highlights from the Trouble Shooting Section of a Honda Workshop Manual

1. Spark Plug Inspection, remove and inspect spark plugs. Are the spark plugs in good condition? NO – Incorrect spark plug heat range or, incorrect spark plug gap or, dirty air cleaner.
2. Perform a spark plug test. Are there good sparks? NO – Loose or disconnected ignition system wires or, faulty ignition coil or, broken or shorted spark plug leads or, faulty Crankshaft Position Sensor or, faulty engine stop switch or, faulty ignition switch or, faulty Engine Control Unit.

3. Check for operation of the fuel pump and inspect the fuel flow. Is the fuel pump unit normal?

4. Check the Fuel Injection System. Is the PGM-FI system normal?

5. Test the cylinder compression. Is the compression as specified?
NO – • Improper valve clearance or, valve stuck open or, worn cylinder and piston rings or, damaged cylinder head gasket or, seized valves or, improper valve timing.

6. Does the engine start but stop?
YES – Leaking insulators or air cleaner housing or, faulty starter valves or, faulty Engine Control Module or, contaminated fuel.

Get yourself a Workshop/Maintenance Manual

Or just try again in the morning, it`s amazing what a rest can do.

Heh… Heh heh…

Thought I would update. Being a total newbie to motorbikes I called Honda under the warranty. They had an AA guy there within an hour who got it going by blipping the throttle while pressing the starter. Really quick. 

He thought it was a little flooded, but not a lot. No idea what caused it to flood in first place.

Probably condensation in the combustion throwing the normal 14:1 air/fuel ratio so far out it doesn’t combust.

As posted by TimR early ‘Try opening throttle wide open and operating starter…’

its a honda the cars and bikes hate being started and then stopped shortly afterwards the fuel system likes to dump a load of fuel that basically floods it and not mildy …  …

or its the Hiss system being its normal ARSE …