CB600FA owners

Guys, what’s our mileage with a full tank? i can do about 130 miles on a tank. is that normal? or i should check my power commander with some garage? My mate on CBR600RR is doing more miles on a tank than me, which looks strange to me, as he has more horsepower out of the same engine.

Are you running the standard gearing? 

Was the Power Commander setup to give you more power?

Also is this around town range or when you get out for a longer ride?

I used to get about 120 to 130 miles from my 600RR when I ran it almost dry. I usually filled it up every 100 miles.

Calculating the mpg, or similar indicator of fuel consumption, would be a better.

48 mpg seems to be the average with 13 users getting between 45 and 54 mpg

links http://www.fuelly.com/motorcycle/honda/cb600fa

Another CBR600RR owner here and I get around 120 to 140 miles per tank

completely depends how you ride it my cb600f can go into reserve on 80 miles or 120 miles depending on how near i take the little needle to the red line,130 miles sounds pretty normal to me