Caught speeding with foreign licence?

Hi All,

Some legal advice needed,

A friend of mine friends friend acquaintance, ahem cough cough, has “allegedly” been caught speeding in Central London!!!

“he” was doing about 40 in a 30 zone and got flashed by a fixed yellow camera on the footpath as per usual.

No complaints, no excuses, no arguments regarding the “alleged” speeding or getting caught, fair cop n all that.

My only question is this: the person involved is riding a UK registered bike, fully insured, registered to rider, taxed n mot’d etc but is not a UK citizen. They hold a valid EU license from another country not too far away :wink: and are legally in the country doing some work for their parent office in London. The letter popped in the post and is requesting the person to reply giving details about driver license number etc. It states on the letter that if the person does not hold a UK driving license then just fill out the original country of origin Driver’s Licence number on the form and the person will then be issued with a UK driving license number to which the points will be attached. So my question is this: are they forcing this person to take/apply/convert their valid EU licence to a UK one or is it simply a case of having the persons details on the DVLA system for future reference so that if they ever do apply for a UK licence then the points will automatically be added then when the new UK licence is issued?

I have been told that 90% of these letters are not followed up and this friend should not reply to it. I’m not so sure about that and wouldn’t like to see the friend end up getting a court summons, a larger fine and more points added. The letter has pics of my mate on the bike with reg visible etc but nowhere does it state what “alleged” speed he was doing?? So is he being done for 40 or 140mph!!! yikes (he was doing 40 tho, just seems odd not to show it on NIP.

I am keen to emphasis that this mate is taking this on the chin, was caught fair and square, and is just trying to find out what they are supposed to do. Paying the fine is ok and getting the points is a pain in the arse but what is the procedure as their licence was issued from another EU country of which they are a citizen (i.e. this person is not from the UK originally).

Cheers for any info for my erm mate…



I had the same situation.They need the details to prepare a “ghost licence” because they can’t add the points to the EU Licence. I wouldn’t risk to ignore the letter.


this is interesting. we were flashed in the same way in the same type of area (30mph limit-and were doing 35 or 40)for the first time 2 weeks ago but we have foreign plates. so…where do we get the letter?
if it’s for the first time so where do i pay this? what do we do? and how much is it?

plus the plates are white and it was night time, does it make a difference? how do i know i’ve been caught? (well i did see the flash)

Ok so I’ve been throught he entire end to end process so I’ll tell you what happens.

The scenario is a Male (me) doing 46 in a 40 with an EU driving license from the Kingdom of The Netherlands and a UK registered Volvo S40.

  1. You need to reply to the letter saying who was driving and including your driving license number. The driving license number is one of the long numbers on the license. If you don’t know which one it is just send a photocopy of your driving license.

  2. They will either send you a fixed penalty notice or an invitation to do a speed awareness couse (pray for the latter).

  3. Pay the fine or do the course.

They will create a record against you in the UK DVLA which keeps the points or note that you’ve done the speed awareness course. If you get 12 points they can withdraw your right to drive in this country. I believe you can still drive in other countries though.

That’s it in a nutshell.

As I understand it they can’t fine you from a Gatso if you are running foreign plates (the system is not that clever yet). The Arab cars around Kensigton are forever setting off Gatsos with gay abaondon. So I would imagine these are not being followed up.

Send me a PM if you want to know anything more.

That’s what I thought alright. My “mate” doesnt plan on ignoring the letter either. Cheers for the reply

I wouldn’t worry Ice-queen. My eeeemmmm mate had foreign plates on for a while before converting the bike to legal UK plates etc and was forever setting off those pesky flashy light things :stuck_out_tongue: Nothing ever came of it, yet, …he said :wink:

Cheers Joby, all what I thought myself. But good to hear it from someone who has actually gone through the process ;)A speed awareness course you say, hmmmmmm, I could do with learning how to ride quicker, do they teach me that on the course??? lol 40 in a 30 is just embarrassing :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

should have been 140:D and foreign plates

Are you Dutch?
Godverdomme, dan toch nog een Nederlandstalige LB-er? :hehe: