Before we went on holiday we went to choose a couple of kittens from my friends cat, at the time the cats were 7 weeks old, it took me 4 years to agree on having a pet and said i don’t want anything to do with them. This Saturday we went to pick them up and my kids can’t stop playing with them which is a pain in the arse as they don’t give the kitens time to rest and just get on doing what they want to do.
The grey tabby went straight to the litter tray and done it’s buisness with no hassel but the black one hasn’t used the toilet since arriving.
This morning i saw the back kitten has used the toilet but not the litter tray :evil: . The cat used the downstairs toilet floor for poo and wee, good job the floor is tiled.
So i have now just cleared the mess and steamed the floor clean and now all dorrs will be shut when we aren’t around and now will have to force the black cat to use the litter tray. So not a good start to the day.
I now have to register them to a vet and look at insurance for them. :expressionless:
I told the kids if they don’t help with the cats i shall be doing the wheelie bin trick on them.

The grey kitten is called Peao (don’t ask me why)
The black kitten is called Liquorice

Try 2 seperate litter trays, they look for their own smell.

Dont pay for the cheap litter, use the white crystal stuff, it does not smell at all, and you change it once a fortnight.

I’d remove the collars as they are 2 big, and could cause injuries

My last point, is… we are all friends on here, you can admit you love them really, I bet you’re one of these owners that say you’re not bothered but then on the quiet you dangle your shoelace, or secretly poke your finger round the sofa :D:D:D

Mel …i bet your so right lol he probaly has moments of “lets wind the kittens up”:stuck_out_tongue:
Oh and i would’nt leave yer textile jacket hanging on the bannisters again either…or they won’t be waterproof anymore(rain will leak straight through kitten slashes!):w00t:

Removed the collars and got another litter tray, now let’s see if the cat uses it.

you didnt say if you secretly play with em though :D:D

good point i was going to mention the collars, they are very cute, and i bet you do play with them to!.. :wink:

2 kittens

A large tin of tomatos

2 small (bum-sized) onions



Tabasco - for their eyes, it makes them water and kitten tears have the sweetest flavour of them all.

BIG frying pan.

Cats = hors d’ouevres… Kill ALL cats. :slight_smile:

You’re a bit of a cat lover then, yeah? :laugh:

They are so cute… I want them:D

Go round to JPs when the family aren’t there, he can hand the kittens over, you get to keep them, he tells the kids they ran away & everyone is happy:)

Took the kittens to the vet last night for their first injection, bought a pack which does everything a kitten needs for six months and £214 worse off.

so cute!!! We have molly and Jan, i went to buy cat( the wife) a kitten and we came back with 2, aparently i would have been the most evil man in the world if i seperated the 2!:w00t:

They take up to a week to get the litter tray sorted, when they wee on the floor grab them put there nose near it then put them in the litter tray, they tend to figure it out very quickly this way.

here are some photos of are 2! We are not sure what breed they are but they are so small, about half the size of some of the local moggys!

I have included a picture of our dog, just so he does not feel left out!;):wink: