Cat Stevens

I might be a loose cannon at times but the artist’s and music that defined my younger years have always been calm, cool and collected. At least, it is the music that I remember and will carry with me. Says alot about today’s crap out there. love CS and all the other gr8 artists of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s

even better vid. pity about the uninformed yt comments. neanderthals :angry: pity them:ermm:

sounds even better live in the flesh :slight_smile: absolute quality:cool:

Very thoughtful posts Jaime, yo are an inspiration to us all.

thought u might like it :slight_smile: I like quality timeless music. I don’t need lady gaga rara popo in my life tbh.

+1 quality choice there jaime

good stuff, reminded me of one of my favorite songs of all time…

one of my all time favourite songs by my all-time favourite singer song writer, his songs are just beautiful

he is a top bloke as well. He signed an album for me that i got for a friends birthday (she introduced me to him) he was still touring, albeit small village halls but i was really wanting to get along to see him

He’s still touring as far as i know, would love to see him live but the closest he is coming to me is warwick :confused:

If you go to ‘new reply’ not quick reply there is a youtube button - click it and paste the url into it and it embeds it :slight_smile:

I didn’t get on with a few of the posted tracksbut the J. Cash track is hauntingly great. absolutely loved it. mesmerised…