Castrol bike cleaner

Picked up a bottle of this from Halfrauds a while ago as I was in there getting some stuff for the other half’s cage, and they were out of Auto Glym bike cleaner which is what I used to use. Comes in a green bottle (as you might expect!). Used it for the first time yesterday and it’s the best bike cleaner I’ve ever come across - the oily rear end bits of the Banana came up looking like new. Excellent! :smiley:

I use a combination of Paraffin and Hippo. Both make the 500’ shine light a shiny thing.

wanna match ? :slight_smile:

I’m really struggling not to type “your face, my ar5e” but I can’t resist so…Your face, my ar5e?:w00t:

i use that too, good stuff but a little pricey

WTF is Hippo:w00t:

Rated as the best bike cleaner by Ride magazine, i switched to it after muck off ate into some the alloy in my first bike.