Castle coombe

Just after a bit of feedback on castle coombe circuit.whats it like for a track day as ive got the opportunity to do a day there in a few weeks time. Checked out a few vids of the circuit on u tube and it looks pretty fast but not that challenging/fun

ive also got the chance to do cadwell which i know is excellent but its a mission to get there and back so im considering caslt coombe instead.

anyone here done it and can tell me what its like?


Very strict noise limits at Castle Coombe which is why I thought they hardly did bike track days. Cadwell is a brilliant circuit, well worth the effort.

Castle Coombe is ok as a track day but as Steve mentioned they are extremely strict with their noise levels. I have known bikes not get on even with a standard exhaust:w00t:

Cadwell is an awesome circuit and def worth the effort getting there.

Have fun which ever one you decide to do, just make sure you have a standard exhaust fitted where ever you go.