Casey Stoner 40-1

Got to be a far better punt than a lottery ticket, Capi could well have won it on a Ducati last year without the shoulder injury, Stoner has been topping timesheets this winter…

If you think he might spend too much time eating gravel to win the championship, I wonder what odds you could get on him for each round ?

I think I’d wait for him to win a single race before laying down any cash on him to win the Championship…but…if you’ve got some coin laying around that you don’t mind losing on a lark, why not for those odds?

Im going to keep my money in my pocket<img src='' height='20' width='20' border='0' title='Satisfied' align='absmiddle'> but i am a fan of the fearless young talent coming through the ranks and with someone like Capirossi helping calm Stoner itll only be a matter of time before he`s winning.

Will they take a each-way bet?

He may place, but over a season I can’t see him being top.

I agree. Reckon he will take a win this season though.

Not a chance of him taking the title (this year anyway) - there are too many riders that are faster (or at least as fast), more experienced and more consistent. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him win a race though.

Yes, Paddy Power give Each Way Odds: 1/3 places 1,2

A mate did explain it to me, but I was more confused afterwards…

Wheres ya money ?

OK, he may well crash, but 20 to 1 ??

I can`t believe that Stoner is 3rd on the grid.

Me neither - his gone backwards since last years session there!

(He’s proved he’s quick - it’s finishing up there that has been tricky in the past)


te he he, anyone fancy some alphabeti for lunch!?