Cars, Cops and Criminals

Anyone see it on BBC1 tonight at 2100hrs?

My Autocrimes instructor Gary was on it! :smiley:

I. did, but only because I was very bored.

Why are there so many police/cars/criminals programmes? It’s just lazy TV.

why are there so many reality TV programmes?

Propaganda innit!

Ironic, a friend of mine was on there too, PC Collier :smiley:

Looking forward to starring in one of these reality transgression format programmes. Heads up to the police, we intend to ride at over 150mph on the A272 between Petworth and Midhurst at 10.30, then Midhurst and Petworth at 11.00. this sequence will continue until 12.00hrs and then resume around 13.00hrs. final run without helmets will take place around 15.00hrs.

Good luck:D

a slow pace ride out for you then :stuck_out_tongue:

Cop shows really are propaganda, they always show the cops in such a good light. Easy to produce, and easy to watch I suppose.