Cardo battery life

Hi folks. We use Cardo Packtalk Bold intercoms and after a few years are finding that they don’t hold enough charge for a full days ride. If I have music on it’s even more of a pain.

There are videos online showing battery replacement and I’ll probably do this. Anyone with experience of this?

What I’d really like to do is add capacity by either adding an additional small battery (power bank) to the helmet and powering the Cardo via the mini usb or add another lithium battery in parallel somehow.

Anyone done anything similar?

Need to get this done before the next trip…not even home from the last one!

Sounds like you just need to velcro a little battery bank to the back of your lid. But this won’t be a waterproof solution.

That is a solution I’m looking at but need a small flat powerbank - which i havent found yet.

I would use a longer cable and have a battery pack in an inside pocket rather than add extra weight to a helmet.


I do that now when it dies completely. The usb faces down so the cable catches and often disconnects when i turn my head.

Maybe I should try and get an angled usb cable and a thin battery.

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