Carbon Fibre Agusta

When I was out the other week at a lovely pub called The Motar Inn, in Maidstone, I saw this beauty parked up outside. The whole thing was carbon fibre!

Looks lovely. Why you’d put an R&G sticker on the side is beyond me aspecially since it doesn’t seem to have any. You’ll probably want to block out their plate though.

met a guy at borough a few weeks back…

Mark i think his name was! he has an MV which is mostly carbon fibre too… although its race fairing with no headlight :w00t: Awsome bike! in fact probably my dream bike :smiley:

Lovely bike, probably a good idea to scrub out the number plate tho’. I don’t think the owner would want it on a public forum. :smiley:


Where are them quick release panel fairing pins from? WHo sells them?

They are Dzus fasteners. You can order them from Aerotek

That`s just soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy.

he needs the carbon light weight fairings as its the under powerered 750 after seeing the disapionting 09 R1 pics that ive been waiting for ive got over the disapiontment and will heading to the mv dealer instead to get the new F4 1078 RR cant wait

yea that bike looks amazing :cool:

Lovely… not too sure about the wheel colour tho :ermm:

that looks nice bet its well light:)