Car Wheel Nut Remover


Can anyone recommend a good wheel nut remover brace; garages fit them so tightly that you can’t get them off with the standard small braces?


Draper Breaker Bar 1/2'' | Toolstation or similar and a decent socket.


Piece of pipe over the standard wheel brace to extend the handle


Cheers Tim

Tried that with no joy.

Sounds like a garage not using a torque wrench to tighten vs just the bloody impact driver. Plus missing a bit of copper slip.

Try tapping the nut with a old socket and then a length of pipe to get the extra leverage. Definitely worth getting/borrowing a decent wheel brace though as the standard ones can bend…don’t ask!!

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I have three of similar to these amtech Wheel Master Wrench I picked up from Tesco years back for a fiver each. One in the boot of each car, our old crocks still have spare wheels, and one in the garage for The 250.

Can’t fault them.