Car subwoofer in your house

So I want to add a subwoofer to my kitchen radio which is Logitech Squeezebox boom. It has a sub output. The only compact ones I can find are designed for cars. Like the one linked below. I actually have one like that in my car.

My question is about the remote wire that comes from the head unit to turn it on. If I hard wire that to +12 will it just stay on permanently? I can buy a transformer to get 12V from a domestic supply but I don’t know how to get it to come on or stay on.

Might be better looking for a active powered sub, need to look at the connection on your squeezebox, but easy enough to find leads. Ideally with an adjustable crossover or level as a min. Something like these

It was pretty easy to do in the end. I used a 12V, 10amp power adaptor which creates a car power outlet and wired it up to that. I hard wired the remote wire to the +ve so it turns on. It wasn’t quite the sonic revolution I was hoping for but it was a fun project.

I might just sell it on.

Probably not big enough to make a difference in a open space, remember a car is a relatively small space vs a room. If you have a garage, pop it in there perhaps to keep you company when spannering

Joby spannering in the garage? I can’t remember which but either they don’t make spanners in Chelsea or spanners are not allowed in Chelsea, its one or the other :wink:

Don’t be silly. You’ll keep it for the next 10 years then offer it up on here for free. Then Roni will call dibs on it.

It’s got to be worth a few cans of lager or a bag of sweets.

Is it loud enough for a gazebo


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The acoustic environment it is designed to work in doesnt match a gazebo. It doesn’t match a kitchen either. I’ve the same model in my car and it sounds great but in an open space not so much.