Car Insurance!

I know its not bike related…but it shows how much more anal car insurance companies are than bike ins.

OK, we both have SP50 dating May 2008. Very bad, silly, on the bikes, to busy watching other road users as we were on the Motorway and just didn’t concentrate on the speedos. But, speeding is speeding.

Dave has held his full bike licence for 20yrs, but only passed his car test on 3rd Dec 08. They won’t take his biking into consideration, but they will screw us over with the SP50s.

About a year or two ago, an SP50 commanded a raise of 70quid per person, per offence when sorting insurance out. Now though…they seem to have a major hard on over it.

Got a quote from one company…very well planned the way they would allow him to be the policy holder of the Nissan while I remained as the Registered Keeper. They then mirrored my 16yrs NCB that I had on the Vectra against the Nissan so his price was lower…plus I would be a named driver on the Nissan. We’ll have to wait till he’s got 12 months on his licence before he can be a named driver on the Vectra but they guy said I can add Dave to it after the 3rd Dec for an admin fee only. Cracking quote of 450quid fully comp for the both of us. Then, he told me the bad news…due to our SP50s the Policy jumped up to 945quid!! WTF??

Tell ya what, throw me in jail for 12 months. Its not like we were doing 50mph in a 30 limit!! Bliddy hell!! :doze:

Also, remember that 6 points in 2 years after passing can result in loss of licence and he’ll start again. Not sure if that stands having already had full bike licence, but i think it does.

Car insurance though, this is why so many people dont bother getting any and drive around illegaly, A jump to more than double is disgusting.

It doesn’t matter about him getting more than six points in 2 years cos he’s held his full bike licence for 20 yrs so he instantly falls into the same category as the rest of us on that one.

But yes, you’re right, more than double is disgusting. I can accept a couple of hundred quid, but 450-945 is terrible. Although I hate people with no insurance and see it every day in work…I’m starting to see why they do it.

I hate insurance companies even more now! :w00t:

Aye, the six point rule only applies from the date you first got your licence, with licence meaning any full driving licence that you’ve passed a test for, so I was a new driver in 1988 :slight_smile:
I also didn’t have to take the theory test because I passed my bike test so long ago.

Car insurance is a real s**t. I’m looking at getting a car but insurance even on something sensible is still about £1600 / year. I have 4 points but even if I quote it without the points it doesnt drop much. I live in N4, but if I lived in Harrow (as an example) it drops by £600…and if I lived at my parents it drops by £800! I need to move house…

I think car insurance is particularly anal. Bike insurance seems to be more sensible. Thankfully.

Amazingly enough, although Swiftcover were the cheapest for me only on the Vectra, Adrian Flux did the best deal for 80quid more at 369quid. I have both my bikes through Adrian Flux! :smiley:

I don’t think Multi Car policies are any cheaper…looking at separate quotes for Dave and I where he’s the policy holder with 12 months on his car licence, me as a named driver on his, but only me on the Vectra…so far its about 300quid + cheaper and the cover is better! :smiley:

There’s moral and then there’s insurance.

I returned to biking after a bit off a lay off and found that despite being a full NCB car driver and a (once) full NCB bike licence holder and full, clean(ish) licence holder for 40+ years, that didn’t count. New rider status for me.

Cars and bikes are not the same insurance I was told. O.K.

Then I have the bike stolen and my car insurance goes up. Suddenly, bike and car insurance are linked.

I’m sure the money grabbing bas*ards make this stuff up as they go along.

Yeah they do. Car insurance ain’t interested in the fact that Dave has held a full car licence for 20 yrs…but they will recognise and show interest in his SP50…which was on the bike…6 months prior to his car test!! Feckin eejits.

I’m thinking of beating them at their own game and getting a temp, 2 week ins on the Nissan until he’s done his year then getting his ins sorted. He’ll have to live without a car for 2 weeks but it’ll save him about 200quid. If they keep rammin us up the butt then I plan to play em at their own game. :smiley: