Car Insurance

does anyone know of any car insurance companies that dont appear on comparison websites?

direct line are one of them but there must be more…

Admiral are cheaper direct

yeah i noticed that too. so far my cheapest by about 30quid

I would use the camparison sites as a starter, the start phoning and play them off against each other… I’ve saved loads doing that in the past…

Direct Line are not but other brands of RBS are, Aviva are also not but the RAC which is part of the group are.

As I work on financial services clients I can tell you that the best approach is to use Moneysupermarket, Confused & Compare the Market which will give you about 90% of all possiable quotes. The message that the like of Direct Line give you is that there is no middleman to pay, the reality is they all work to a cost per policy model no matter how they generate the sale - it’s a moral high ground stance!

If you have access to another computer at say at work then use one of the cashback sites such as Quidco to see what quotes you get on the cheapest insurers including any possible cashback. The reason to use the other computer unless you disable the cookies) is so that you receive seperate quotes and not identified as a returning prospect - I live in a dark and tricky world!!!
You may not always find cashback sites give you the best overall quotes even with the moneyback, but sometimes they come up trumps - I’ve reduced a renewal on a policy by £100 and got another £50 on top in once instance .

Worth the 10 minute read

There’s a similar one for bikes too on the same site - tells you which comparison sites to go through in which order to pick up all the brokers

Hope it comes up good for you :slight_smile: