Car insurance using bike NCB

Does anyone know of any car insurance companies that will accept my motorbike no claims bonus for a car policy? i’ve heard that direct line and ecar will but i’m not 100% sure just yet. Are there any others?

didnt think anyone did but am with direct line on my car, so does that mean since i have 2 years no claims and 1 yr on the bike that I now have 3 NCB??

no one would insure me on my bike using my car NCB since it was totally different

apparently as long as you’re not using the bonus on the vechile at the time then it’s fine. possibly if you had just the car then you may end up with 3 years i’m not sure. just when i get quotes for £1600 with 0 years ncb and £600 with 2 years makes a big difference:doze:

copied from the direct line website. Your motorbike No Claims Discount is recognised by Direct Line
Motorbike riders who are hanging up their helmets for the relative comfort of a car, will be pleased to know that we recognise your safe driving record. Your Motorbike No Claims Discount can be used against a car policy, and you can get the discount on the premium that you deserve.

More details on Direct Line car insurance.


most company’s do now, the only clause is you can only use the no claims discount on 1 policy,

i.e you cant have a bike policy with your no claims listed, then take out a car policy benefiting from the same no claims discount.
Well you can…but that would be a reason for them to void your insurance if they were to find out :wink: