Car insurance time.......

It’s that time again. Think there has been recommendations for insurance before on here but can’t remember when/where. Any good tips for the renewal?

Hastings is getting to be really cheap.

Or you could try Equity Red Star, think there cheap but I get a discount there as Mrs Russ works there.

Hope it helps

Thanks Russ, with red star now and just seems really steep!

A friend uses Admiral and has never changed he is well happy and says they are cheap.

Can’t hurt giving them a call aye!

Can’t believe it…NU have ‘quoted me happy’ !!! they used to be rubbish when I tried for bikes but they have actually come back with best quote and cover etc…wow

Yeah I tried them before and they were nothing but expensive.

Interesting news so I will try them in the future then. - searches various top insurer names for the best quote.

your friend is right russ, admiral is brilliant too. my car is covered with them.

good luck.

church hill gave me the best so far mine is due on the 11th £265 tpft on my x reg secnic im 25 6yrs ncb

Thanks Darryl

Just checked with confused and NU still best…