Car flashing hazard lights

The other night I was riding back through Dagenham, filtering on and off, nice a slow past a queue of traffic crawling along. Was near a row of shops, with a couple side roads, a pelican crossing and quite narrow in places. I was doing about 5-10mph, nice and steady as tonnes of hazards etc. But, I past two cars 30 secs apart, flashing hazards briefly, just before I was about to filter by them - and no, someone hadn’t just let them merge in etc. At the time, a couple of cars oncoming also flashed hazards too, one seemingly in response to the first car on my side, the second not.

At first I got all paranoid I had my hazards on unnecessarily or such like, but no. Any ideas what this was all about? Some kind of unofficial notice to other drivers? A secret hand shake? Just seemed a bit weird. 4 cars in space of 30m and 1 minute, all flashing hazards for a moment… Dunno, probably reading into it too much… (he says beginning to wrap his helmet in tin foil)

Masons… :w00t:

These days everything could mean something on the roads as people make up their own highway code…


Isn’t random flashings of hazard lights after dark is some kind of dogging semaphore thing :ermm:

You don’t think they might have been warning each other that ‘Mad Arfa’ was on his way through?

Nah, they do that by mobile :w00t:

They shall know me by the trail of wing mirrors…

Is it possible you had your high beam on?

I flashed my hazards recently at a car that was trying its best to blind me… not that it helped…:pinch: